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A=Ambassadorship and Apostleship

B=Bondservant To Jesus Christ 



As given by my Apostle Paula A Price renowned author of The Prophets Dictionary and The Prophets Handbook.

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It's important to understand that we are a powerful and apostolic people. The genetics of our new creation spirit are vastly superior and unmatched when compared to the death codes that was released to Adam and Eve after they disobeyed God in the garden. (See Genesis 3:12). To fully appreciate what Jesus Christ did to first reconstruct, then reconcile, so that we can reattach by way of the cross, you must understand is nothing short of praise worthy. You must begin with what Adam did in the garden, which in turn helps you understand the pattern, process, and power of what we are originally made of (substance) and how we are originally created to function...which is in our God-like form. This is what Jesus Christ restored minus the weaknesses and defects of the first Adam. Jesus is the upgrade. So during His life Jesus models the upgrade. Jesus then tells us in words and actions...this is what you should walk, talk, and look like after God extends Himself to you and places His spirit in you...this is how you discover, recover, and uncover your own upgrade. One of the reasons I believe we cannot function at this capacity yet is because number one, it's easier to model what you see, (and our experiences of those who are supposed to be the models of our new creation selves are are waiting to see what we're supposed to become from anybody in our generation...still waiting) and number two, it's only been exposed to us by way of preaching and teaching's mentioned in sermons which is what we've been accustomed to this is what we settle for ...the sermon ...because to connect our faith with actually becoming what Jesus modeled ...and now what we ONLY HEAR BUT NEVER SEE... has been painfully painted by the Satan, the world, and some church and Christian just an illusion or fairytale aka impossible. (John 14:8-17) But what if I told you there is an element in your new creation spirit that can help guide you in taking the first step to becoming and expressing the power of your sonship as modeled by Jesus, that is innate in all of us who are born again and is triggered by the right sound, would you care to know? Let's begin...To be apostolic is to have substance like or things that are included in the eternal seat of the apostle also traced in the body of Christ, which proves relevance, the ability to connect, the ability to transmit information and one must ask why is this? Ephesians 4:4-6 helps us to understand this. Physicians train other physicians. Attorneys train other attorneys. Chemist train other chemists. Now, imagine an attorney trying to train a chemist. Imagine a chemist trying to train a physician. What do they have in common? Nothing at all it's virtually impossible. Why is it impossible? The schooling isn't the same. There are no elements that connected the two professions. The professions are different. But how do you deal with The Lords Body? When there is so much that is the same? 1 Corinthians 12:28 let us know God's eternal structure has always been first apostles, then prophets, thirdly, teachers. When the church was birthed in the book of ACTS, the only office that was there was the apostles. Paul is telling us and teaching us how God sees the offices and how to respond accordingly to those offices. All throughout history, God has been confirming the eternal order of the apostle as first and prophet as second because it's usually an Apostle or a prophet that starts a true move of God and/or a revival. What makes apostles and the prophets so fit for the duty is that they are uniquely constructed. They are just born different. The best example I can give is this… People can be born in the same family and some survive and some die but both had the same teaching so what's the difference? The difference is the makeup of the soul and the makeup of the spirit. This is the best way to describe the uniqueness and how apostles and prophets are made. Now just imagine as God extends himself and puts his new creation spirit in all of those who are born again they now have the same substance as that Apostle and that prophet... So they now are all...including the other 5 fold gifts...are connected to eternity..with the substance of the God head in dwelling and the leadings of the Holy Spirit on earth. So who does God turn to when He needs to convey a message or shift or govern or guard or guide? He turns to the offices that He left in charge and set as the foundations when birthed out Acts 1-3, 1 Corinthians 12:28 and Amos 3:7. Those that are apostolic understand this and respond accordingly. It's not about the person or title ..but it's about the spirit that sets the person in position, gives the title, all having the same spirit in common with the people which unifies this order and advances The Lords Church strategically so that the gates of hell will not prevail.

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