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I'm not too sure how many of you reading this story can relate to being homeless and hungry and not having the money or resources to get food or shelter but I can.  Personal experience always makes the best advocate in these circumstances. So in light of my experience we wanted to introduce you to a few men, women, and children who have experienced the same thing (homelessness and hunger) but as a result of your donations you are helping us to reach them through our various projects and partners as we travel the nation. Here are a few names that stand out among all that we give to and support that you should know about. Thanks for your generosity.


DANIEL, 29YRS OLD (New York)

Daniel reached out to us on social media because he was hungry and needed food. This is not an uncommon problem in this era for this age group. What makes Daniel's story more compelling is because he claimed he was mentored by someone who called themselves a Christian who now allegedly according to Daniel, has abandoned him. Although we make no judgements in regards to his allegations we most definitely can relate to his scenario. So we fed Daniel and offered him long term resources that would get him back on track. He replied to us that He really appreciated us getting back to him and for sending him food and resources. He now believes that maybe he may have had a bad experience with one alleged Christian. And he now knows all Christians aren't bad and the love of Christ is shown in our giving.


ALISHA, 48YRS OLD (Washington)

Alisha was going through a divorce and as a result lost her home to her now ex-husband. Having a job but no money and no where to turn Alisha reached out to us and our partners for help. After proper screening and paperwork we were able to provide Alisha with a GIFT of a down payment and first months rent to her new apartment. 'Alisha broke down in tears as she accepted the keys to her new place with the reality she would not be homeless trying to figure it out...', said the grass roots specialist assigned to her case. Alisha now attends church regularly and was excited for Jesus to be re-introduced to her in this way. It is our generous  partners like yourself that makes this happen for people.



Tristan lost his job and family.  He found a make shift job but it wasn't enough to cover the bills for himself let alone his family so him and his five children had to move. The children's mother was lost on drugs and left the older kids by themselves in a dirty  apartment and dropped off the younger kids to a friend. Tristan was left by himself to raise two girls and three boys(elementary to high school). Three were his own and two were his by marriage to his wife. Upon hearing of Tristan's dilemma us and our partners again did some screening and put a down payment and paid the first months rent for Tristan and his children so they would be together as a family and safe. Previously, the children were spread all over the state due to the mother abandoning them for drugs. Upon finding this out Tristan retrieved his kids and began forging a way to make a living and raise them. Our partners along with your support made this happen for this family and they now all have personal relationships with God as a result.


JAMELIA, 18YRS OLD (Florida)

Jamelia ran into one of our representatives in a grocery store. She was homeless traveling from Chicago by train looking for a new start. She was showering and bathing herself and her two kids (one a new born baby boy and the other a girl three years old) in the public bathroom. Customers begin to complain but the kind hearted manager on duty refused to kick her out with two small children. We were able to feed her and get her some much needed resources of immediate places to stay as well as emergency feeding stations and food for her and the children. Our partners along with your support again made the difference. As we prayed for her before she left us, her eyes swelled with tears as she said she recalled it reminded her of her grandmother who is no longer alive. Prayers change hearts.


Thank you always for your generous support. Here are more opportunities for us to partner:

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