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On the two previous posts on this topic we dealt with what sinning is and what transgressions are. The final type of sin is called 'iniquity'.

The word iniquity in the Hebrew that we're pointing out is 'Avon', and it means to be crooked and/or perverse. It speaks not just an activity, but a nature. It means a propensity toward a certain sin. Iniquity is sin in the bloodline. God said he would visit iniquity of the fathers upon the third and fourth generation. Exodus 20:5-6

What does having an iniquity or possibly several iniquities mean? We touched on it a little in part two where we discussed transgressions. How I took what I saw my parents do in their sins and expanded on it in my own sinning. I did evil after evil. I did wicked deed after wicked deed. I was worse than they were. How was this possible? How did I have the guts to be this insane with my life and walk in such stupid rebellion? It's simple, it's called, iniquity. So how does iniquity work? 

Let's say if someone in our blood line gave themselves over to a certain sin ...this can create an iniquity that works against us. Remember iniquities are evil crooked tendencies such as  alcoholism, cheating, anger, passivity, witchcraft, sexual sins, all types of abuse, and so on.  These are the ancestral patterns I was referring to in part two that try to lock us into the demonic strongholds that have been passed down from generations past. I termed it...'like father like son.' This is why most people find themselves tempted with certain appetites and fleshy activities/things very strongly. These appetites, sin cravings, almost Deja vu it's normal or we've done this before or even it seems natural...we can feel it in the pit of our's the result of the activities of our ancestors. Someone opened the door to those sins. Sometimes we have no conscious as we commit the acts/sins because somewhere down the line it was seared by one of our ancestors. We were marked for the devil. Their activity allowed the enemy to work against us legally. Now, please note that Jesus died on the cross so our iniquities were dealt with. The work of the cross does render a verdict against iniquity and its power. (Isaiah 53:5-8)  But we must execute it into place. Again it's one thing to be DECLARED RIGHTEOUS but we still must BE MADE RIGHTEOUS. (Romans 12:1-2) This is the application and execution on our part to deal with iniquities that Jesus already rendered a judgment on. So here's how I approached my iniquities...When I began to battle iniquities there were three things I had to know for myself:


1) Jesus freed me from it.

2) I had to make up my mind by pulling down every thought that came against Jesus freeing me from iniquities that would stop me from going through my process of freedom.

3) I had to actually go through the sometimes very difficult and painful process of being made free and not stop until I reached and could maintain my freedom.


My prayer for you today is to ask the Holy Spirit to uncover every iniquity that runs in your bloodline that you are facing in your life and that you begin to face off with the cross and overcome each and everyone of them because of (Isaiah 53:5-8).  Remember the sin has  been judged and you have been acquitted and declared righteous but you must execute it in's called the process. I speak strength to your inner man and touch and agree with you for the power to overcome all of your iniquities, become who Jesus says you are and who He is in this world. In Jesus name, Amen. 

 God has finally released me to write and release my very first deliverance manual. After years of doing deliverance, encountering different levels of warfare I'm excited to put most of it in book form. This manual will be detailed, power packed, and filled with my many encounters.

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