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I remember at one point I was doing deliverances so much that I was encountering spirits and situations I was very unfamiliar with. So in between my down time I would go into prayer and purchase books on deliverance. Some of my favorite are Pigs in a Palour, Pastor Greg Locke has awesome material, and John Eckhardt's book of scriptures has made my work a lot easier and literally helped me with many hard cases. 

So having read so much material on deliverance. Maybe almost equal to what I've read on the prophetic I was determined to find breakthrough. So imagine all of this material I have digested for over 20+yrs. To continue, I've come across many many.., but none as ruthless as the spirit of Belial. Here's some background about this spirit. 

My summary is from the believers growth Bible and it's commentary:

Belial is a Hebrew word used to characterize the wicked or “worthless.” It comes from two root words, “without” and “value.” The name Belial means worthless, of no profit or value, lawless, and reckless. Some Hebrew scholars call Belial “yokeless,” as “not yoked with God.”

In early Hebrew translations, the word “Belial” occurs 27 times. Fifteen times the word appears to indicate worthless people (Smith’s Bible Dictionary). We know from the New Testament that every person has worth to God. So how can some people lose value and see their lives deteriorate into utter worthlessness?

Two words associated with the name Belial give us a clue. “Wicked” and “idolatry” (Deuteronomy 13:13). Wicked means twisted, whether it’s in one’s thoughts, beliefs, words, or actions. Idolatry is having anything placed above God and His will.'

So now let's look at scripture,

1 Timothy 4:1-2
Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.

I want to focus on the seared conscious. Now please note in some Bible translations a seared  conscious is translated to mean that you are marked for the devil. See, so if the spirit of Belial can get you to do repeated sins..then he can mark you for destruction. 

Remember, Belial can't take away your salvation..But if he can get you to sin repeatedly in some area, it will create an opening for a demon to cling onto you. (A curse) And if he can get you to indulge in consistent sin then it can build a opening and a infrastructure for demons to influence your thoughts and actions. As a result your life might become unfruitful, and all your work worthless. So anything that God has called you to do will be unproductive because there's a demonic gateway attached to you.

Somebody say this with me, ' repeated sins, open demonic doors.' So Belial works to inspect your life to see if there are any reoccurring sins. If there are he begins the process of attempting to get you to have those sins become a unconscious habit. Again, habits are open doors for demons. 

Remember those who don't walk in the ways of God are open to curses. So stage one is they, (curses) 'Comes upon us...'

How do curses come upon us? By employing Belial because of our repeated sins. God sends someone to help us but Belial blocks the person because he doesn't want your promotion or to see you delivered. His agents challenge and usurp 'the sent ones' authority upon the consideration of the chosen ones promotion to keep deliverance far away from Gods chosen. Human agents of Belial show up to try to see how they can stall, stop, prolong….and usually they are church leaders with an agenda. They feel like they have someone better than who God said was qualified. So they drained Gods chosen ones finances, resources, and time by presenting a false front of them being for Gods chosen ...when they actually are for themselves.  Again they say they are for Gods chosen but they are NOT. So  they slander the one God sent to help so it's impossible for them to get through the barricade the sons of Belial have built, so by long years, and prayer the spirit of the Lord has to turn the tide and bring a divine reversal...if it's still possible. Remember, there is NEVER EVIDENCE OF A LEGAL RIGHT TO REPLACE GODS SENT ONE, JUST SUSPICION created by Belial and his sons. Belial can never prove accusations..He just needs to create them..then let the carnal mind of those leaders take over. Where is the proof? Belial doesn't need proof when he has people to believe who are already full of hidden agendas, suspicions, and will believe without asking or investigating. 

Just like God uses people so does Satan. 

Satan hates godly promotion. So Satan would rather put a replacement or push the time back for Gods chosen in order to try to attempt a replacement or to plant someone in the system for Gods chosen to battle with in order to keep Satan's agenda alive. 

Next stage - Pursues us. Those repeated sins put a stop to Gods agenda. And it will stay that way until the one God chose (sent one) is unblocked and is able to assist God with clearing the pathway..,if it's still possible. When something is in pursuit of you has a desired goal in mind and will not let up because it has a reason or open door to shut you down. The minute Belial sees our next level is at hand. Belial starts strategically stratigizing with folks. He gets together people who they don’t like each other but tolerate each other and there is one goal in mind. To stop or hinder Gods choice. They try to find a scripture loop hole and work it to prolong or stop you. They will make up stuff and never ask you about it daring you challenge it so they can keep discrediting you. The worst part is other people believing this spirit and it's easy because what it's presenting is so convincing. The key to this stage is the spirit of Belial looks for lies to try to hook and hold, stop and hinder. The more people that can be convinced that there is a sin that's in this person's life the more likely the time and season God is called will be pushed back and destiny moments lost. 

Overtakes us - Finally, Belial is going to continue to gain alliances that will box you in and keep you from breaking free-it’s his job is to make you look worthless and not able to produce so you can rely on the plant aka false voice/prophet that was put in place and NOT Gods choice. Once this happens your end has been sealed if God doesn't rescue you. Because now the curse has diminished purpose, took away your attention from what God told you to do, and the ultimate plan is to destroy you.


How does the spirit destroy you? It will destroy your purpose, your destiny, your hope, your identity, your self worth, and your self value. How does it do this? It replaces Gods agenda with itself. It will put a man or woman in place who has an agenda that is not God's agenda. It is their own. This person will use their agenda to try to make it look like God's agenda, and you will follow that agenda all the while losing sight of what God told you to do. The people Belial has partnered with are convinced that the chosen one can wait or can be delayed ...due to out right lies and character assumptions and assasonations...and those people are now in partnership with your destruction because they don't have eyes to see or ears to hear. Belial has now produced many sons. His sons will ensure the prolonging and hopefully replacing of Gods chosen and the end of the destiny of the leader God needs in this hour. The goal is that the target will never WANT to rise, so they will never rise. They will be too distracted to rise, so they will never rise. They will feel inadequate to rise, so they will never rise. They will always have something else to do so they will never rise. And quite frankly, they're afraid because fear has gripped their heart to rise so they will never rise.


So how do you deal with Belial and his sons? You deal with them like Isaac told Esau when Jacob stole the birthright.

Genesis 27:39-40

When you grow restless you will throw his yolk from off of your neck. 

My prayer for you today is that Belial and his sons will be overthrown by you stepping into your purpose and destiny. I prophesy the strength to throw the yoke of that spirit off of your neck by getting focused and producing what God told you to produce. God has sent you help so receive the one God sent initially so you can break through. Bind every spirit of fear, press pass self doubt, move by faith, and watch God do what He promised. I touch and agree with you today for your deliverance and destiny. In Jesus name. 


 God has finally released me to write and release my very first deliverance manual. After years of doing deliverance, encountering different levels of warfare I'm excited to put most of it in book form. This manual will be detailed, power packed, and filled with my many encounters.

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