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Have you ever did something in life that you knew was wrong and illegal but you were actually prospering and getting away with it? As people we love to control our own destiny. When we are not born again our sin nature drives us to all of our aspirations and desires especially if they are evil. There was a season of my teenage years that I felt just like this. I had gotten away with doing so many things that God deemed a sin, and since there was no immediate consequences to it, I begin not only to continue those sins, but I added more sins. 

Why did I do this? I had no identity. I was angry. I was angry at God. I thought God didn't really exist or if He did He didn't care about what we did because if He really cared, why did He allow people in general...but especially with titles claiming Christianity, leading churches, traveling all over the globe preaching one thing but living get away with such malicious and gross sins, transgressions, and trespasses (against people) and not judge or remove them? And these were the tip of the iceberg. Let's add in pedophiles, rapist, and so on. I am sure I'm not the only person who allowed the devil to get them to think that God is the problem or asked these type of uneducated questions. 

Now let me add some more context and background to help you understand where we are headed and know when we get there. Somebody say with me...transgression. As a little girl, I used to see my dad buy lots of marijuana. It filled our entire kitchen table. And it was piled up high. Every Friday night him and my mom had people over to our house and they would party really hard before they were born again. By the time I reach my teenage years in high school I lived wreckless. Among many other things not only was I selling marijuana, but I was also selling crack cocaine. In essence, I expanded on the sins of my parents and I did more evil than they did in my pursuit of life and now what I know to be in my efforts to find my own purpose and destiny, and rebel against a God I didn't believe cared or existed. 

Transgression- The Hebrew word we are pointing out is Pasha (a revolt, rebellion, to break away from just authority) It also carries the idea of expansion. It’s the activity that leads to more and more wickedness and evil. It’s crossing over set boundaries.

1Kings 16:30 '
And Ahab the son of Omri did that which was evil in the sight of Jehovah above all that were before him.'

Barnes notes on the bible says...'The great sin of Ahab - that by which he differed from all his predecessors, and exceeded them in wickedness - was his introduction of the worship of Baal, consequent upon his marriage with Jezebel, and his formal establishment of this gross and palpable idolatry as the religion of the state.'

I want you to note something. When I sin I miss the mark. But when I transgress, I take and expand on my sins and make an entire empire of it. I add wicked deeds on top of wicked deeds. I go way past the limits of the law or covenant. And it is at this place folks, most times the only remedy is an encounter with the supernatural. It is a face off with either severe natural consequences and/or the gods of this world and ultimately The Lord God Himself. The root of the sin of transgression says, 'God I don’t care what you want. I’m gonna do what I want.

So how do you deal with transgressions? One must not only repent of the activity of the sins and transgressions but the root cause of what thoughts allowed and justified the sins that lead to your expansion of evil. There is a saying that goes like father like son. This saying identifies the working of an ancestral spirit. It is a spirit that controls and makes a family lineage maintain evil patterns and make it difficult to break curses and come out of assigned demonic strongholds. 

You must deal with this spirit and dismantle the lies that Satan planted in your mind using people, places, things, and circumstances of who God is and whatever lie that is driving your rebellion. Mine was God not real or not caring. You must pull down the images of you being invincible in this life and believing the lie that there are no consequences that you will face in this life or the next. You must seek a heaven authorized apostle, prophet, teacher, and/or pastor who are experts and who have experience in helping heal the fragmented soul. My prayer for you today is that your transgressions be blotted out and wiped away by the blood of Jesus. My prayer for you is that you face off with the cross to find the root thoughts and the root sin that built your house of transgressions.

I prophesy that your legacy will be of a curse breaker:

What will happen to the son? “He will not die for his father's sin; he will surely live” (Ez. 18:17b). By God's grace, we can choose a different legacy than the broken one given to us.

 God has finally released me to write and release my very first deliverance manual. After years of doing deliverance, encountering different levels of warfare I'm excited to put most of it in book form. This manual will be detailed, power packed, and filled with my many encounters.

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