Published on 6 June 2024 at 06:31

Our experiences are not random but a predetermined design. God is unfolding the hidden things. God created a dimension, and in the dimension he put darkness, and in the darkness he placed contradiction. We were not designed for the contradiction because the soul was designed to God's likeness or another way to say this is in His likeness to be compatible with His likeness. A royal priesthood and holy nation. What does this mean? 

This means we were born into a dimension that contradicts who we really are. It is the complete opposite of who we really are. What we are born into is in fact the total opposite of who we really are. Don't confuse your identity with this dimensions aka the planet we are born into.

To believe we belong here Is like believing you are a saved sinner. No, this is a contradiction. You can't be both saved and a sinner. You are either or. You have either been rescued by way of the cross and you are being processed through this or you are living separated from God. You are either the offspring of Jesus Christ or of your Father the devil and your fallen nature.

This means we entered the planet... and as we grow, experience life, and age...we develop a knowing that says, after I've done everything I could think of ....and that this world had to offer...and that I thought would make me happy...I'm still empty...I know there is something more and missing Eccles. 3:11. 

We must be born again. (John 3:3, Ezek 36:26) We need our new creation spirit. It's the only way to navigate life and get back to our true origins and linage. We need Jesus. Jesus is the compass. He is the power of God and wisdom of God that gives direction to our faith to break free from the contradiction and step into sonship. He directs and connects us back to God and our origins in eternity. Everything is revealed and concealed in Jesus Christ. 

The goal is to find your identity in Christ, who was the first to crack the code and emerged as Gods offspring in the contradiction, and complete your purpose and destiny. But you can only do this if you can see that there really is a contradiction...you don't belong here...in fact we don't belong here!! Let the redeemed of the Lord say so! 

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