Published on 3 June 2024 at 11:26

We live in a world of lies, betrayal, competition, compromise and more. The Apostle's John, Peter, Paul and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ speaks to this extensively in scripture. Since the scriptures let us know that it's already part of Gods program then we must follow the protocol of the Bible(scriptures) in order to successfully navigate this brutal era and demonic assaults with our very own brothers and sisters as some of our verbal assassins and assailants. Nonetheless Gods program is swiftly moving along as daily we are reminded we are born in the battle.

I began with the state of our fallen world because sometimes life to some may seem hopeless and harsh. But as I pondered on this the Lord began to give me a revelation of how He has called the true nation of Jesus Christ to function. Let me share it with you. Not too long ago there  was an awesome act and display of the demonstration of what Jesus told Peter to do once he recovered.

"At the World Championships in Budapest in June, USA’s Anita Alvarez sank to the bottom of the pool.

Looking across the deck, then noticing she was under way too long, her coach, Andrea Fuentes immediately dove in after her fully clothed, pulling her to safety. Anita was unconscious and didn’t have the capacity to kick, paddle, or help herself in any way.

If Andrea had not have noticed, she would have drown.

But she knew Anita.
She looked for her, quickly noticed she was under too long, (more than normal)
then dove in without thinking twice.

This stood out to me….then the Lord began to speak to me and ask me this question...Crystal 

When you are under too long, who are the people that will look for you, notice you aren't surfacing, and dive in to pull you to the surface when you lose your strength to swim in life?

Who are the people that would do that for you?

And can someone count on you to be that person that would go looking and notice when they are under too long, diving in to support them when they are all out of fight and fuel to swim in these turbulent waters we call life? "

This is a PSA and a clarion call. To those who have an ear let them hear what the spirit of the Lord is saying to the Nation of Jesus Christ. My prayer to the Body (Nation) of Christ is that your faith won't fail.

***I actually watch this take place as I watched the Olympics that year***


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