Published on 30 May 2024 at 17:33

Anyone who grew up or experienced any type of abuse will understand it's lifelong effects. Some may have suffered physically or by others using words (or both) and this may often times make you feel that you are not enough, and as a matter of mental default, trauma sets in and you feel now you are wounded beyond healing. What's even worse is we may even take and project the personality of the abuser on to other people around us and that we love in an effort to be accepted or try to please others thinking this is normal behavior because it was done to you. A lot of times I meet people who are abused by their parents or other authority figures; especially their mothers and fathers, and so they project that abusive image of their abusive mother or their abusive father and attribute it to God thinking that it must be God, and that God is difficult to please as well, (after all they are your parents or an authority figure that lead people in the name of God) ...but it's just not true.

Again, if you've been hurt or injured by parents or anyone in authority who may have made it seem like they were virtually impossible for you to please ...then you may also feel like God is the same way, but He's not. A few things that please God is a child like faith, obedience, coming to Him and trusting in Him to guide your life. In addition, believing that when things go wrong in life or a situation may look bad in your life ...it pleases Him that you are trusting that He will make those things work for your good ...because He's a good Father, a great friend, and a just judge. 


Will the wound heal? Or better yet, when will the wound heal? It's all a matter of how much time it takes for you to process the pain, clean out the wound, and put the healing balm of God's word on and in the wound and for Gods sake...don't touch it! Give the medicine of Gods word time to work. You do this by removing yourself from the abusing person, place, thing, and situations. Please note that the longer it takes for you to get to the truth and get out of that situation the more your faith will weaken and the wound will pus and get infected. You know the wound hasn't healed if you've dropped your Jeremiah 29:11 and refuse to pick it up because of people, places, or things, that were set in place to attempt to reinforce the warped thinking that the abuser left with you. In other words, the abuser may be gone but other people, places, and things are set around you by demonic design to try to keep you trapped so you won't fulfill Gods plan for your life. 

When we really begin to understand how God sees us through Jesus Christ then it won't really matter what people have to say about us in an attempt to make us feel bad about ourselves or hate ourselves because of their personal preference's instead of what the cross did for us to complete us and put us in destiny. 

You really don't have to be addicted to peoples approval when you already have God's approval. 



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