Published on 1 May 2024 at 10:52

I encounter a lot of people that want to know why do we need the prophets when we have the Holy Spirit? Why do we need apostles when we have the Holy Spirit? Why do we need the fivefold ministers when we have the Holy Spirit? That's been a question that I've even asked when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Because I was taught the Holy Ghost will teach me everything. So God, understanding that I couldn't even hear His voice to know I need training ...set up divine encounters that led me to people, places, things, that eventually led me to my training. So when I begin to get training, I realized that my soul was fractured. I realize that some things that I thought were God speaking, were really my emotions speaking, they were really my feelings speaking, they were my romantic interest speaking. Really?!! It finally all made sense...I would hit and miss on the voice of God because I was locked out of training and knowledge. What I thought was the voice of God was really the voice of my parents speaking, so in other words , until we are processed enough for the Holy Spirit to be able to speak clearly there are at least 14 other voices, including yours the Lords and the devils speaking to us who are all trying to communicate their will and their voice through us. Prophets who have been trained are excellent at identifying, and helping you identify that sometimes what we believe is God, may just be our own desires or our own perceptions. And even though we can find it in the Bible, we may not even be seeing through the lens of Gods perspective and so we take that unchecked (voice) message and we twist it to fit our situation. How do I know, because I've done it before. It is important to get trained. Go to a real apostolic and prophetic training institution. Before you think about interpreting anything that heaven is saying through scripture (to yourself or others) or otherwise you first need to deal with your soul which includes human filters, human passions, your mentality, how you were conformed to this world, how you were raised, the abuse you had to take, and most importantly before you do anything in the name of God, you need to make sure it lines up with the script and Gods covenant. This also means you have to have enough of the word of God inside of you with proper training by The Lords assigned ambassadors (and lastly the Lords seal of approval) in order to learn how to filter, heal, and grow. Let me give an example in scripture, of course I will do that. (John 12:27-30) Let's zoom in on 'what they heard'. Some people heard the sound that came from heaven as words and other accounts people heard the sound as thunder, and this is how it is today. Some of us are able to clearly hear God speak while others of us can only hear a sound, but this is why you need training. The fact is that we hear and understand information differently than what God does. Not only do prophets (or any 5 fold messengers)  teach you what to hear, but they teach you how to hear. It is so important and necessary for us to get training. The Bible says we know in part and we prophesy in part. Some things that authentic prophets know are things like, God thinks in whole parts we think in fragments. Often times we get prophecies, we hear the word or even look at the scripture we are having a hard time understanding, we can't digest it at all. Prophets, apostles, prophetic types, and some five fold leaders are trained to help people grasp what God is thinking, saying and willing for their lives from His perspective. Even with the Holy Spirit in us our fragmented souls are skewed, our views are biased, and the different voices that speak to us that we have not been healed from speak to us every day and will most likely override what the Lord is saying, get healed. I heard my Apostle say the very first time I heard her speak,...when God cares about your future, He will send you a mentor.' 

~Apostle Crystal Sherie 

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