Published on 29 April 2024 at 15:21

The first time I ever heard the terms foretelling and forthtelling was at a prophetic conference in 2017. I had just finished my training at the schools of prophets founded by Dr Michelle Corral who brought in Dr Juanita Bynum to train us. After my new found training I opened my first prophetic hub right before the Lord sent me to meet my Apostle in Tulsa, OK. When I arrived at the prophetic conference I was very much overwhelmed and felt the presence of God unlike I've never felt Him before. More upgrades...but they were much welcomed then as they are today. Hearing these terms one can easily pass them off as synonymous or treat them the same. I use to get these terms mixed up because although they were distinct they weren't explained in a way I could understand. I promised myself I would be better for those I train and those that encountered me on any level. Growth is so imperative in this hour.  How can we as a prophetic people relay Gods messages and not know when he is speaking? What's the difference? To foretell is to speak of future events. What's getting ready to happen in the days, months, and years to come. To forthtell is to speak to what's happening in the present. It deals with present moments and present situations. Now, when someone is either foretelling or forthtelling you must understand that if they are speaking for God they are constrained by certain guidelines, procedures, and protocols that ensure the accuracy and source of what they are saying on behalf of God. But for the sake of knowing...when you stand up before a prophet, ambassador, or any spokesperson for God you must know and ask what point in time are they referring to? This is one of the many questions you must answer before you can validate which god is speaking. Is it the one true God? Or another god. Remember, there is no revelation without be ye informed.


~Apostle Crystal Sherie 

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